Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Report for 2009

The Willimantic Fire Department responded to a total of 5,450 emergencies in 2009, which is an increase from 4,872 emergencies in 2008.

For the purposes of this report, emergencies are categorized as either Fire-related or Medical-related (EMS).

Fire-related emergencies totaled 2,001 (5.4 calls per day) in 2009, compared to 1,876 in 2008, representing an increase of 125 calls.

Requests for emergency medical services totaled 3,449 (9.4 emergencies per day) in 2009, compared to 2,996 in 2008, representing an increase of 453 calls.

Willimantic Fire Department apparatus traveled over 19,500 miles within the Town of Windham and neighboring communities.

The Fire Prevention message was presented to over 1,100 children and adults through a formal Public Education outreach program. More then 300 children visited the Willimantic Fire Station and were taught to recognize firefighters during emergencies.

The Department received a $93,933 Assistance to Firefighters FEMA grant, which was used to buy a Washer/Extractor to clean soiled firefighting gear. Also purchased were two medical monitors designed to measure Carbon Monoxide levels in the human body. Members were trained and outfitted for Swift Water Rescue, anticipating the opening of a Whitewater park on the Willimantic River. Special communication equipment was purchased for use in confined spaces (e.g. below-grade rescue). Last, the grant provided a ruggedized, military-spec lap top computer for incident management in challenging conditions.

The grant was received through the direct efforts of a grant committee, which did an outstanding job with the application. This is the fourth grant the Willimantic Fire Department has received from FEMA in the last ten years, for a total exceeding $600,000. The Willimantic firefighters continue to work hard applying for grants to help reduce our cost for operations, and the impact on local taxpayers.

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  1. I feel very safe, living in Willimantic, Thanks, FD! (and PD, too)