Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Memorial Monument

About a week ago, Captain Card called my attention to the monument in front of the firehouse. Firefighter Mott had just cleaned it with a power-washer and it looked much better with the layer of grime and mold removed (above picture).

If you're not familiar with this monument, take a look at the photo. You'll see "W.F.D. 1886" and "Mongomery." The top relief came from the original Bank Street firehouse, which was located directly across from the current station--approximately where the bank ATM drive-through is currently.

The "Mongomery" relief came from the firehouse that was located on Jackson Street--now the Major Parcel--just about across from where Union Street intersects with Jackson Street.

If you'd like to read a decent history of the Willimantic Fire Department, follow this link: http://www.millmuseum.org/Mill_Museum/Fires.html

I don't have any photo links to share with you, but we have some great historical photos on the wall of the firehouse. Ask one of the retirees to share some of their memories with you!

DC Scrivener

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