Friday, May 7, 2010

Fire at 23/25 Chestnut Street

Willimantic firefighters responded for a reported structure fire on May 6, 2010 at 2246 hrs. Platoon 4 was working, with Alberto Torres as the Acting Captain. At the time of the call, the ambulance (Tower crew) was on a medical call, so Engine 301 responded with four firefighters (Torres, Mott, Swiney, & Walker).

On arrival, A/C Torres reported what appeared to a small fire on the porch. While investigating, Engine driver Mott reported heavy smoke pushing from the Charlie side. Upon entering the top floor, members encountered a heavy smoke and heat condition. A/C Torres elevated the call to a 2nd Alarm, which recalled all off-duty Willimantic firefighters, activated UConn FD for Rapid Intervention (firefighter rescue), Columbia for Rehab, Windham Center for station coverage, Rescue 104 for Air Supply, and moved North and South Windham into their quarters for a possible assignment.

The Acting Chief elevated the call to a 3rd alarm on arrival, which brought North and South Windham to the scene and placed Mansfield and Columbia into their stations.

Firefighters were hampered by a fire with a significant head-start, overhead power lines, wind-fanned flames, and low water pressure. Unable to make headway from the interior, firefighters pulled out and transitioned to an exterior attack. After knocking the bulk of the fire down from the exterior with elevated and ground-based master streams, members re-entered the building and made an aggressive final offensive attack.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. The fire was declared "under control" at 0051 hrs.

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